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Quality control

We, Japan SLC, produce the laboratory animals, according to the standard operating procedures under the stable environment. Also, we maintain and control a quality and characteristics of the animals produced by microbial and genetic monitoring.

Production Style

For production of the uniform laboratory animal which maintained characteristics, maintenance and production of the strain is performed by strict production system based on the production control standard.


  • Maintenance and production by rotation breeding scheme


  • Maintained colony: Strain maintenance and production of seed animals by the brother-sister mating
  • Multiplication colony: Multiplication of seed animals used to Production colony and Hybrid (F1) production colony by the brother-sister mating in the maintained colony
  • Production colony: Animal production by random mating in multiplication colony


  • Hybrid (F1) production colony by mating between females and males of different inbred strain

Breeding Environment

Animals are bred and cared in the following environment;

Room temperature Mouse・Rat・Hamster・Mongolian gerbil : 23~25°C
Guinea pig : 21~25°C
Rabbit : 20~24°C
Humidity 45~65%
Ventilation frequency All fresh air 10~15times/hour
Differential pressure 50~200Pa(5~20mmH2O)
Illuminance 150~300Lux (80cm above the floor)
Lighting cycle Light (8:00~20:00)、Dark (20:00~8:00)
Air Sterilized by 3-stage filters; front,middle,final (HEPA)
Aeration Pan-type air conditioning system is used as flow system

Breeding Environmental Monitoring

Examination of drinking water, and performance tests of autoclave and ethylene oxide gas sterilizers are periodically performed.

Animal Behavioral Monitoring

Production efficiency of each production colony is monitored and recorded in weekly report.
Breeding technical person carefully observes animal and detects early abnormal animal.


Animals are given following diet;
Autoclaved diets (Nosan Corporation, PMI Inc.)
Irradiated diets (PMI Inc., Funabashi Farm Co.,Ltd.)

Microbiological Monitoring

  • 1) Staphylococcus aureus tested only specified strains.

Genetic Monitoring

Mouse Inbred Strains

Test items

  • Biochemical, immunogenetic and molecular-genetic markers.

Test animals

  • Animals from each foundation stock colony and multiplication colony.

Test frequencies

  • At least once a year for each test item in each strain.

Physiological Parameter Tests

Body weight measurement

Organ weight measurement

  • Test items:brain・heart・lung・liver・spleen・kidney・adrenal・testis・ovary・thymus・pituitary gland

Hematological tests

  • Test items:RBC・Ht・Hb・WBC・PLT・MCV・MCH・MCHC

Blood biochemical tests